Dr. Janeth Bulemela

Dr. Janeth Bulemela


Dr. Janeth Caroline Bulemela is a professional in pediatric and child health with extensive knowledge and experience in management of Diabetes Mellitus and endocrinology, infectious diseases, neurology, neonatology care and follow-up etc.

Worked at various hospital levels (district and National Tanzanian referral hospitals (Muhimbili National hospital, Kilimanjaro Christian medical centre) both as a postgraduate student and pediatrician within the country. Current full time clinical specialist at St. Francis referral hospital.

Exposures pediatric activities in hospitals abroad in Baragwanath hospital, Johannersburg-South Africa, Jimma University, Ethiopia and St. Orsola hospital, Italy.(1998,2006 and 2009 respectively)

Dr. Janeth has worked with TTCIH as tutor for 6 years since August 2007 to date. As Head of hospital paediatric department since February 2009 to Jan 2013.

She graduated as a Doctor of medicine, Pediatrician (master of medicine in paediatric and child health in Kilimanjaro Christian medical centre in Kilimanjaro, 2007 in Tanzania. She has achieved her super speciality in the field of endocrinology at Paediatric Endocrinology Training Centre for Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, 2011-2012