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Elearning Contents Development Workshop in Morogoro with Global Health Supply Chain ( GHSC-TZ, PORALG MoHCDGEC
and TTCIH Team from19 - 24 October 2020, The main activity of this workshop is overview of Bottom up quantification session and contents

development for LMS. 
This workshop was facilitated by TTCIH eLearning Team.

Fill this form if you aspire to pursue Diploma in Clinical Medicine at Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health, TTCIH, Ifakara.

Admission Requirement

We request you to submit copies of Ordinary Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSCEE), NTA level 5 certificate and transcript (for

CA to CO candidates) to , and Birth Certificate or any document, which indicate date of birth. We further request you to pay a non-refundable TZS 30,000 Application registration fee

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