Diploma in Health Information Sciences

Health Information Sciences is a rigorous three-year program, under by the Ministry of Health. The curriculum, approved by the National Accredited Council for Technical Education (NACTE), is meticulously designed to ensure quality education and relevance to the field. The program is split across three NTA (National Technical Award) levels: 4, 5, and 6, with each level designed to be completed in one academic year, further divided into two semesters. Prospective students who meet the qualification requirements for this course will be enrolled upon verification by NACTE. The primary objective of this course is to develop proficient technicians in the field of Health Information Science. This program aims to equip students with the necessary skills to work effectively in various work settings, with a particular emphasis on healthcare facilities and health training institutions. Through this comprehensive program, students will acquire the flexibility and competence required in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape.


Course Name: Description
Course Level Diploma
Mode of Study Full Time
Durations Three (3) Years
Entry Qualifications With at least Four (4) passes in non-religious subjects including, Biology and Physics/Engineering Sciences., Basic Mathematics and English.
Course Fee Local Fee: TSH. 1,200,000/=.
Applications All applications are ONLINE. Click Here to Apply.

Why Study Diploma in Health Information Sciences

This course provides the skills necessary for efficient and effective management of health information and data, a crucial component in the contemporary healthcare landscape.

It equips students with the knowledge and techniques to deliver high-quality healthcare information services to the public, thereby enhancing patient care and community health.

Students will be trained to manage, analyze, and utilize health information that’s vital for various purposes, including health education, patient care, and data accessibility. Such competencies allow them to serve healthcare providers, educators, and the public at large effectively.

The program fosters the development of technical skills in health information collection, processing, storage, and dissemination. Graduates of this program often become experts in their field, maintaining the highest standards of health information integrity. confidentiality, and security.

Hence, a Diploma in Health Information Sciences provides students with the competencies to excel in the evolving field of health information management, making a significant impact on both individual patient care and broader public health initiatives.

Entry Qualifications