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TTCIH is located in the Kilombero valley to the Udzungwa Mountains National Park a 7 –hour drive or a 1-hour flight from Dar-es-salaam (Morogoro Ifakara - Mlabani Passage)
We offering Diploma in Clinical Medicine, Diploma in Clinical Medicine (one year upgrading course).
Applications are made through website of (TTCIH) and are online only
- Course curriculum development
- eLearning consultation
- Web application development
- Accommodation service

The TTCIH has expertise in developing and designing course curricula on international health issues in our core areas clinical courses , community health ,maternal and neonatal health, medical education and health management, with expanding in non-communicable diseases..
Let us organize your health course/seminar/symposium. We can organize all of the logistics and other extras that will ensure you have a successful event. We can plan all pre and post-course organizational tasks including:

Access to specialists in the fields of surgery, obstetrics/gynaecology, pediatrics, public health,internal medicine and health research
Access to health research experts and facilities
Access to district hospital facilities
Modern facilities and accommodation
Support services (information resource centre, internet access etc)
Collaboration with outside institutions
Yes TTCIH also provides accommodation service for further details click here

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Via Mlabani Passage, P.O. BOX 39, Ifakara, Morogoro Tanzania.

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