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Excursion sites nearby Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health, Ifakara.

Udzungwa Mountains National Park  (TTCIH is located in the Kilombero valley to the Udzungwa Mountains National Park a 7 –hour drive or a 1-hour flight from Dar-es-salaam. The centre boasts the following quality services and facilities.)

Tourism in the Udzungwa Mountains national Park revolves around hiking and trekking, as the park has no roads and is accessible only on foot. The hiking trails range in difficulty from the short one-hour Sonjo trek to the extremely challenging 6-day camping trek the Lumemo Trail. The most common walk is the Sanje Waterfalls trail which takes approximately four hours to complete and allows the visitor access to the stunning 170 m waterfall and includes swimming in the waterfall plunge pools as part of the activity.

Kilombero and Luwegu Sunset Views From the Boat

From TTCIH it is 6 Km to reach Sunset views, Sun set at the Kilombero river, come and visit Kilombero and do a sundowner to watch the sunset….Kilombero Valley, Tanzania — Sunrise, Sunset, and Moon Times for Today

Mikumi National Park

From TTCIH it is 110 KM to reach the Mikumi National Park in Morogoro, Tanzania, was established in 1964. It covers an area of 3,230 km2 is the fourth largest in the country