UNFPA eLearning Initiative

A Portable Mobile Learning System

In 2016, UNFPA launched a Portable Mobile Learning System (Technology Kit) pilot project. The kit is a portable projector with in-built Android tablet, that eLearning content is loaded into a projector and displayed to class or group of participant. Currently the kit is loaded with Midwifery and Family Planning content. The kit is now piloted in 15 health training institutions in Tanzania mainland and 11 centers in Zanzibar. TTCIH is an Implementing Partner (IP) for UNFPA activities in Tanzania. Among other activities that the Center supports is to follow-up and provide technical assistance to the sites where this project is piloted.  This has facilitated and increased efficiency and effectiveness of the pilot sites in using the technology kits and the contents as well as reporting. Following the successful implementation in pilot sites UNFPA supported rollout to 20 more sites in mainland making total of 36 health training institutions implementing the Portable Mobile learning system in Tanzania.

UNFPA Rwanda

Following successful implementation of Portable Mobile Learning System (PMLS in Tanzania under support UNFPA Tanzania, TTCIH signed contract with UNFPA Rwanda to implement the Portable Mobile Learning System in Rwanda through localizing the content. Localization included translating the content from English to French.

 Portable Mobile Learning System (PMLS) implementation Review Workshop to draw the lessons learned from implementing sites, the workshop was held in Dodoma Institute of Health and Allied Sciences (DIHAS) from 24-25 June, 2021.